Lakhyila, with real name Tenzin Lakhyila, is a YouTuber and an Instagram star. She also has a hobby of singing.

Bio and Wiki

Lakhyila is one of the most loved and followed social media celebrities from Nepal. She usually posts makeup videos, dance videos, challenges, fitness videos and even song covers on her YouTube channel. She had joined YouTube in December of 2010. She has gained nearly 110 Thousand subscribers and over six million views on her channel.

Lakhyila Bio

Lakhyila Parents, Early Life, and Education

Lakhyila was born and brought up in Nepal. Her full name is Tenzin Lhakyi but she prefers to use her initial name on social media more.

Lakhyila did her early schooling at Kathmandu, Nepal. She studied at Rupy’s International School where she took Humanities in high school. She loved Art as a subject while she was in school. In an interview, she has mentioned that she wants to study either Theatrical Arts or Psychology in the future.

We do not have any information on her parents. But she has a sister who looks as cute as her. They are often seen in her videos together.

Lakhyila Sister

Lakhyila Height, Weight and More

Lakhyila loves swimming, dancing, and fitness. Therefore, she has maintained a very fit and healthy body. Her height is estimated to be around 5 feet and 4 inches. She has an attractive body figure.

Occasionally seen in swimsuits, a lot of her fans praise how she has maintained her body. She has a body weight of around 50 kg. She is also seen doing fitness videos. She sometimes records herself gymming or takes challenges like 100 crunches a day for a week and likewise.

Lakhyila Weight

Lakhyila Boyfriend and Relationship Life

Lakhyila is a pretty girl and has a lot of teenage fan following. She is the crush of many teenage boys and girls from all over the world. But she has not revealed her boyfriend to date. She has mentioned the word ‘my boyfriend’ occasionally on her videos but she might be only referencing the topic.

She might be single but might be in a committed relationship as well. We will update the post if she reveals anything about her relationship.

Lakhyila Net Worth

The net worth of Lakhyila can be estimated at around $50 Thousand USD. She is still at college and does YouTube as her hobby only. Her net worth comes from YouTube earnings and posts sponsorships on her social media profiles.

YouTube Career

Lakhyila has a keen interest in theatrical performances. She has even participated in many shows since her school days. This led her to make short clips and vines. People loved her work and finally, she decided to join YouTube in 2010. Her family also highly supports her hobby and passion.

Lakhyila Instagram Career

As she stated in one of her interviews, she first made one of the funny videos on her sister’s laptop. She was meaning to delete it later but somehow she forgot it. Her sister posted the video on Instagram which got good comments from a lot of people. This motivated her to make her own account which she did. She has been making videos seen and is quite popular on Instagram as a celebrity from Nepal.

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Social Media Profiles

If you are a fan, you should be in touch with her life and activities. She is more active on Instagram and Snapchat. You can find her social media profiles here.

Instagram: Click Here

Facebook: Will Update Soon

YouTube: Click Here

Lakhyila Interesting Facts

  • She shares her biggest dream to meet Dalai Lama. She also wishes to travels to 50 places before she gets old.
  • Her favorite travel destinations are Paris, Los Angeles, and Tibet.
  • Her celebrity crush is the famous pop star Beyonce.
  • She likes comedies of the famous Russel Peter.
  • She speaks Korean and Tibetan language as well. She is a big fan of Korean shows.

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