Tadhg Fleming is a previous Facebook and TikTok Star. He is one of the richest social media celebrity in Ireland.

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Tadhg Fleming Biography

Previously best known as a Facebook star, Tadhg Flemimg is now a TikToker and a Instagrammer as well. He has 2 Million followers on TikTok with millions of likes and views. Fleming is also a brand ambassador for several brands and has done commercials for them.

Tadhg was born in the year of 1990. His birthday is on the 8th of June. His birthplace is Ireland, being his nationality Irish. He was born in a town name Ballymacelligott.

Tadhg Fleming Net Worth

Tadhg Fleming Early Life and Education

Tadgh grew up with his family and completed his schooling in his hometown itself. His dad and the whole family are famous over social media. They once had a bat in their kitchen which they had filmed. On the video, his dad was chasing a bat with a towel, hence getting the nickname ‘BatDad’. The video had got millions of views in a few weeks.

Tadhg Fleming Family and Sisters

His family is known as Ireland’s most famous family on social media. His father’s name is Derry, also known as BatDad. His mother’s name is Maureen and his parents have made lots of appearances on his social media posts. Tadhg also has two sisters as siblings. The names of Tadhg Fleming sisters are Sadhbh and Marry Ane. The family looks so fun and they look the cutest altogether.

Tadhg Fleming Family

Tadhg Fleming Girlfriend and Relationships

Tadhg is dating Alannah Bradley for quite some time now. It’s been said that they met in late high-school and has been dating ever since.


Tadhg Fleming Merch and Net Worth

The net worth of Tadhg Fleming can be estimated around $200 Thousand US Dollars. After the viral video bat, Tadhg was approached by several local brands. He has signed a contract with a number of them, making the endorsed posts his primary source of income.

Tadhg Fleming Instagram and More

Tadhg is very much active on Instagram with nearly half a million followers. You can find links to all of his social media accounts below. He also has the same number of followers on Facebook with a verified account.

Instagram: Click Here

Facebook: Click Here

Twitter: Click Here

TikTok: @tadhgfleming

Tadhg Fleming Latest News

  • His family has a great affection for dogs and puppies.
  • Tadhg, along with his family has appeared in Ellens shows and the show with Jimmy Kimmel.
  • Tadhg has also been working as a Social Media Manager for several companies.
  • He is a Car Ambassador for Adams of Tralee.
  • The ‘Catch Him Derry’ phrase has got viral on social media after his family video. The phrase was used by his dad telling his mom the catch the flying bat.
Tadhg Fleming Father

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