Corona has hit the whole world in past three months. Many people thought of it as a seasonal flu or myth virus that goes away in a week or two. Same belief lead to carelessness, unpreparedness and negligence. The results are of course, disastorous. The entertainment industry is perhaps one of the most affected one due to this pandemic.

Moreover, in economically small and developing countries like Nepal, the situation is even worse. Not testing people for COVID-19 at all and claiming there are zero infections in the country is like Dyatlov claimimg the radiation reading at 3.6, but thatt was the maximum the meter could measure, in the famous Chernobyl series.

Also, the unavailability to enough testing kit and isolated wards for the suspected patients has raised the fear to another level. It has even been heard that the kits are reserved for so called VIP people, and common people are made to return home after simple fever check. A similar incident happpened with model and social media influencer Sydney Gurung, which we will discuss in this article.

Sydney Gurung Instagram

Quoted from Sydney Gurung Instagram Story

As the model stated in her Instagram story, she had been sick for three days when she decided to have herself checked. Then she went to Teku Hospital where the majority of tests are said to be performed. Of course, lots of people were already there. There was no isolated waiting room for the suspected patients with corona and about a hundred people were gathered in the same room, with different types of infections.

Her number came up after an hour and a half waiting in the queue. There were two people who were supposed to be testing for the virus. One of them was a doctor and the other was a student. She told them her symptoms about her headache and dry cough. And how they responded after they checked her up is just ridiculous. They asked them, in the quotes, “Are you breathing right now or not?” A doctor, in one of the top hospitals in the entire country, is asking a patient whether she is breathing or not. And on her reply to the yes, they said to come again when she feels like she cannot breathe at all.

Okay, there might be now two cases to this scenario. The first one is, the doctor could have asked if she is having any difficulty in breathing. She might have replied with a no, and the doctor might have said her case might be normal influenza as one of the major symptoms of Corona is difficulty in breathing. He might have asked her to come again if she experiences any difficulties while breathing, otherwise it might be just the normal flu.

But all of us know how the doctors in the government hospitals interact with patients. So the doctor might not have responded well and clear, which led to Sydney Gurung sharing the issue, and which is completely understandable and justifiable, as we all need to know what’s actually going on on hospitals these days.

The second case is, of course, being her allegations true. If the incident exactly happened the way she has described it, it clearly shows how fucked up the system is and how careless the responsible people can be. Those are the individuals on whom our lives are at stake. Telling a patient to visit again when it’s almost impossible to breathe again, that too by a doctor in the top hospital of Nepal is extremely absurd.

Whatever the case, by now we should all know that that issue is now serious than ever. We can only look out for ourselves and the people around is. As they always say, prevention is better than cure. Self-isolation and avoiding public interactions in the best and efficient way to control this pandemic. It’s even the easiest one, you’re saving the world by doing almost nothing.

You can view the case updates and precaution measures on the World Health Organization’s official website here.

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