Swoopna Suman is one of the most loved young singing sensations in Nepal. He is most popular among youth and teenagers for his love and romantic songs. His best hits include Kasari Bhanu, Ke Saro Ramri Vako, Ma timro and so on.

Swoopna Suman Bio

Started as a cover singer, Swoopna used to upload famous English, Hindi and Nepali short covers on his Instagram and YouTube. He even used to sing in small concerts and shows. Later, he released with own singles which got millions of views. Now, he is a popular social media influencer and singer based on Nepal.

Swoopna Suman Early Life and Family

Swoopna was born on the 2nd of December, 1995. He is from a typical middle-class Nepali family. His birthplace is Dhading, Nepal. Right from his school, Swoopna used to sing on various stages. As stated in one of his interviews, he mainly used to sing bhajans on stage.

Swoopna describes his teenage story as somehow dark and full of conflicts. He wasn’t like a typical teenager who only loved and fun and enjoyment. He shares a moment on his college where he suddenly started shivering and got cold. He even had suicidal thoughts which he overcame later. He used to work on restaurants to support his mother. But those are the days of his past. Her mother must be so proud of how he is a grown-up, successful and independent man now.


Swoopna Suman Height, Weight and More

Suman has got an impressive height. He stands tall with a height of 5 feet and 8 inches. He has a slim body with long hair. A lot of his fans are also due to his hair. His body weight can be estimated at around 65 kgs. He has not inked any of his body parts yet.

Swoopna Suman Height

Swoopna Suman Songs and Music Career

Suman knew that he could sing the way people like after his India tour from his school where he sang bhajans on stage. He then started doing short covers on YouTube. His first-ever cover uploaded on YouTube which got a lot of attention is Rohit John’s Chhetri’s hit ‘Bistarai Bistarai’ in 2014. He later went on singing famous Hindi and Nepali songs which slowly made him popular.

His first singing was with Karma Records. They approached him by seeing his covers on YouTube. After the signing, Karma records used to upload his covers on their channel.

But the big break arrived on his music career after he published his single ‘Ke Saro Ramri Vako’. The song gained thousands of views within days and praise from all over the world. Later, he signed with the Arbitrary Records. He has gained over 15 Million views from his songs on the label’s YouTube channel.

Swoopna Suman New Song

Swoopna Suman Girlfriend and Relationships

The singer is a star and has a majority of female fans. Girls cry over him at his concert which shows how affectionate he is to them. He even wrote the song ‘Ke Saro Ramri Vako’ for his close female friend who was living in the United States.

But we do not have any verified information on the singer’s actual dating life. He has not revealed anything about his girlfriend in his interviews. We will post the updates soon.

Swoopna Suman Girlfriend and Relationships

Swoopna Suman Net Worth

The majority of Suman’s net worth comes from his singed label. He also earns a decent amount of money through concerts. Swoopna has even toured in Australia along with Neetesh Jung Kunwar and other singers. Besides this, his net worth consists of brand endorsements.

Swoopna Suman Instagram and More

Swoopna has a huge fan following on his social media. He often posts his music updates and short covers on his social media profiles. You can follow him by clicking the links given below.

Instagram: Click Here

Facebook: Click Here

Swoopna Suman New Song and News

Here is a link to his latest song.

Swoopna Suman Real Name and Interesting Facts

  • Swoopna Suman is his stage name. His real name is Suman Thapa.
  • Suman is an animal lover and also has a pet dog. His name is Hope.
  • Most of his songs are written by himself. He is also a brilliant guitarist.
  • If he hadn’t been a singer, he would probably be an army officer. That was his alternate choice of career since his childhood.

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