Swapnil Sharma very talented is a singer, songwriter, musician, and entrepreneur from Nepal. He is best known as the lead vocalist of the rock band The Shadows Nepal.

Swapnil Sharma: Wiki and Biography

Swapnil Sharma is not an unfamiliar name in the Nepali music industry. Many followers of rock music consider him as in idol and ‘Rock Icon’ of Nepal. He certainly deserves the given title, as he, altogether with the band has given us so many awesome songs, leveling to the rock industry of the world.

Swapnil Sharma Wife

Swapnil Sharma: The Shadows Nepal

‘The Shadows Nepal’ is a 22 years old rock band with a number of hits. The band proudly represents itself as the first hard rock band based on Narayangardh, Chitwan. Before 22 years ago as of now, when pop music was on prime, the band attempted to break the stereotype and play rock music. They began to voice out a number of awesome songs and the echo is still out today.

If you look at the songs by ‘The Shadows Nepal’, almost all songs can be related to real life pain, struggle, daily stories and of course, nature. While there is a trend in Nepali music for love songs, the band stood out of the crowd to create its unique identity. With tracks like ‘Prakriti’, ‘Hidne Manche Ladcha’, and ‘Ke pais Nepali’, ‘The Shadows Nepal’ has never disappointed the lovers of rock music, and is continuing to do so.

The Shadows Nepal

The Shadows Nepal: Band Members

It is a five-member band along with an official photographer of them. All of them are skilled and perform their parts beautifully. The Shadows Nepal are:

  • Vocals: Swapnil Sharma
  • Lead Guitar: Prakash Rasaily
  • Bass: Amit Pradhan
  • Guitars: Sujan Manandhar
  • Drums: Saphil Risal
  • Official Photographer: Samir Shrestha

Below is the one of thier most iconic and revolutionary songs.

Swapnil Sharma: Early Life and Education

Swpanil grew up in Chitwan with his family. We do not have any information on the name of his parents but will update the post soon. He had a keen interest on singing from his early age. He has  won several national and school level awards when he was at school. He had once told in one of his interviews that he used to sing Bhajans more often when he was a small boy.

Swapnil studied Business Administration and Management at Ace’s Institute of Management, Kathmandu. He graduated in 2009 and has worked in several business firms since. Swapnil is also an entrepreneur. In 2012, he co-founded the famous Purple Haze Rock Bar.

He even has a Master’s degree on the same faculty of his bachelors. Swapnil has a great experience and name in even planning, customer relationship management, strategy building, and even career counselling.

Swapnil Sharma: Family, Wife

Swapnil is happily married with Ranju Swaran. The couple looks so beautiful together and are often seen sharing their love on social media. They are probably one of the cutest couples in the Nepali celebritues circle. You can chek Swaran’s instagram to see thier moments pictures together.

Swapnil Sharma: Entrepreneurship

Apart from being a great vocalist and an awesome musician, Swapnil is a great leader, a successful businessperson and a great thinker. He has lead more than six ventures, all equally successful. Swapnil is the managing director of Purple Haze Rock Bar, a bar which has played many of notable international artists as well. He is the director of Fuzz Studio, the managing director of Fuchey Restaurant and CEO of Sangeet Pathshala.

Swapnil Sharma: Instagram and More

Swapnil Sharma Interesting facts

Swapnil had joined ‘The Shadows Nepal’ only after their previous lead vocalist quit. That seems to be the best decision ever by the band.

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