Snarkymarky is a Canadian content-creator on TikTok and Youtube. He creates POV videos that are loved by people from all around the world.

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SnarkyMarky Biography

The real name of Snarkymarky is Mark Gaetano. He is of 18 years and is from Toronto, Canada. He was born in 2002. His birthday is on 6th of May. His zodiac sign is Gemini. He is of Caucasian ethnicity and Christianity as religion.

With 3.5 Million followers on TikTok and nearly 130 Million likes, Snarkymarky is already a social media sensation. Recently, he has stepped into Instagram and YouTube as a content-creator.

SnarkyMarky Early Life, Family and Education

Mark spent his childhood in Ontario, Toronto. He has 3 brothers as siblings. Not much is known about his parents. As his education, Mark has already obtained a high-school diploma. He is also reported to join college anytime soon(2020).

Snarkymarky has a cousin who is also a TikTok user. Her name is Betty and she has made appearances on his posts and page as well.

SnarkyMarky Height, Weight and More

Mark has a tall and a built body. He has a height of 5 feet and 9 inches. His weight can be estimated around 75 kg. He keeps goofy and short hair. Both of his hair and eye color are black. He is often seen on spectacles. He has not gotten any tattoos yet on his body.

Snarkymarky Age

SnarkyMarky TikTok Career

Snarkymarky stared using TikTok in 2015, where the platform was still called He previously used to perform lip-sync videos. It was only on later 2019, he started posting POV videos. His first POV release was about a teacher’s pet which has gained millions of views to date.

POV stands for Point-Of-View videos. It is the latest genre on TikTok, though it has been around for quite some time in the field of videography. A POV video is captured from a first-person perspective, which makes the viewers the main character of the video. This way, the views can relate themselves in the fil and the film will be all about what the viewer’s eyes see.

SnarkyMarky Girlfriend and Relationships

Snarkymarky is a cheerful guy. He has lots of friends and near-ones. Though we are not sure about his relationship status, we can only assume a cheerful guy like him must have a girlfriend. He has also posted this picture on Instagram where there are comments praising them as a couple. We will post the update as soon as we get any relevant information.

SnarkyMarky Net Worth

Mark is yet to be a big star with lots of earnings. He is certainly rising up, creating his unique style and identification. He has a net worth of around $100 Thousand US Dollars.

SnarkyMarky Instagram and More

Though Mark isn’t much active on Instagram with around 85 posts(as of June 2020), he has nearly 90 Thousand followers. But he frequently updates his Instagram stories, so you can go ahead and follow him to know him more.

Instagram: Click Here

Facebook: Not Available

Twitter: Click Here

TikTok: @snarkymarky

Snarkymarky Height

SnarkyMarky Latest/Interesting Facts

  • Snarkymarky is a vegetarian. In some of videos, he has also urged his followers to go vegan.
  • There are rumors around the web on his gender. He has a charming smile and beautiful voice which may have led to that.
  • Mark has been an inspiration of thousands of people who are shy to perform in front of others and the camera.

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