Sisan Baniya is a social media sensation, film-maker and vlogger from Nepal.

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Sisan Baniya Biography

Sisan Baniya is a renowned blogger, film-maker, cameraperson, scriptwriter, video producer and entrepreneur from Nepal. He is most famous among Nepalese teenagers and youths for his absolutely sick travel videos and vlogs. He also runs a YouTube channel named Paradygm TV where they do celebrity interviews, QnA sessions, games, informative videos and so on.

Sisan Baniya Birthday and More

Baniya was born on 10th of June, 1989. He is 31 years old as of 2020. His birthplace is Jhapa district of east Nepal. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

Sisan Baniya Family and Early Life

Sisan is a native of Kathmandu. He grew up on the periphery of Newari culture in Kathmandu. That is the reason we often see Newari vibes and cultural practices on his videos. His family holds a handicraft business. He currently resides in Ramkot, Sitapaila.

Sisan Baniya Family

Sisan is a family person and loves to feature his family life on his vlogs. His father’s name is Shyam Raja Baniya. Her mother is also often seen on his videos and short skits as well. Her name is Sushila Baniya. He has a brother and a sister as siblings.

Sisan attended Gyanodaya Bal Batika HSS as his school. He later went on studying Business at Apex College. He has a dream of being a movie director in a few years.

Sisan Baniya Height, Weight and More

Not just his vlogs and his outstanding works, it’s also his appearance that Sisan has so many followers. His height is 5 feet and 8 inches. He has long hair with a built body figure. He is also often seen in a classic vintage dress which goes well with his hair and looks.

Sisan Baniya Vlogs and YouTube Career

Sisan started YouTube by making short videos and comedy skits. He first used to upload them on Instagram but as people started liking it, he created his own YouTube channel later. He used to love working with the camera from the beginning of his college, which highly encouraged him to do vlogs later. He has mentioned in his several interviews that it was his friends who motivated him to do daily vlogs.

He is probably the first blogger in Nepal who took it to the professional level. That’s why he is an inspiration for many aspiring vloggers out there.

Sisan Baniya and Paradygm TV

Later, he started Paradygm TV along with his team. The team initially contained his technical team with Ajay, Sikum, and Anuraag. Paradygm has always supported young talents and has given a platform to many to showcase their skills. As of now, he’s left other young minds in the charge of the company. The team with the talented host Niharika Gyawali is indeed doing a great job.

Sisan Baniya Vlogs

Sisan Baniya Girlfriend and Relationship

Sisan caught the eye of media after repeatedly being seen with the former Miss Nepal, Shrinkhala Khatiwoda. They had been working together on her video projects for quite a while then. But things got into hype after they traveled Europe together. Shrinkhala has also posted several photos of them together from the visit.

They haven’t yet publicly confirmed their relationship. They might be good friends only but also might be dating as well. But whatever it is, they seem like a pretty good match to each other. All we can do is wish them the best of their luck and happiness. We update the post regularly, therefore, keep visiting for further information.

Sisan Baniya Girlfriend

[Update: November 2020] The duo has somewhat confirmed of their relationship.

Sisan Baniya Net Worth

Though Mr.Baniya has not revealed any of his earnings and wealth, the net worth of Sisan Baniya can be estimated to be around $120k USD. His father owns a handicraft business and he too, is involved in a number of projects.

Sisan Baniya Instagram and More

You can follow him to get the updates on his vlogs and personal life. You can find the links to his social media profiles below.

Sisan Baniya Interesting Facts

  • Sisan Baniya is a dog lover. He had two German Shepherds as his pet.
  • Baniya loves rock climbing. He has several videos of climbing along with the Roadies winner and famous rock climber Sanam Shrestha.

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