It’s August 28, 2020, Friday 10 PM. Sajja Chaulagain has just won the title of Nepal Idol Season 3.

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Sajja Chaulagain: Journey to Nepal Idol

Sajja Chaulagain is a girl blessed with very powerful voice as well as melodic singing. She was born in Morang, a district in Eastern Nepal. Interested in music from a very young, the award and certificate collection of Sajja is very much impressive. Later, she formed a band among her friends, naming it ‘The Loading’. The band often used to perform gigs on popular clubs and bars in Kathmandu city.

As the auditions were happening for season 3 of Nepal Idol, Sajja too gave it a try. Watching her audition, viewers are only shocked by how she didn’t receive a Golden Mike. The only other Golden Mike winner Megha Shrestha was pretty impressive but Sajja too was nowhere less.

On the show, Sajja went on giving fabulous performances on songs like Sabin Rai and the Pharaoh’s Timi nai Hau to Bachchu Kailash’s Timile Ta Haina. But whichever song she chooses, she rocked it pretty well. She even gave a good attempt to the legendary classic song of all time Stairway to Heaven. It takes guts to try a Led Zeppelin song live, and whatever the technical parts of the songs she couldn’t properly attend, we can all agree that she did a pretty good job.

Sajja Chaulagain Nepal Idol Songs

Here is the list of all songs Sajja has performed on her Nepal Idol journey.

  • Timi Nai Hau
  • Jau ki Basu
  • Nachaheko Haina Timilai
  • Jadai Chu Tadha
  • Kale dai
  • Jogale Huncha Veta
  • Fanfani
  • Mayako Dorile
  • Musu Musu Haasideu
  • Sirima Siri
  • Ukali ma Pani Hajur
  • Timile ta Haina
  • Galti
  • Yo Mann ta Mero Nepali Ho
  • Najeek
  • Wari Tuwalo
  • Maya Birani
  • Laija Re
  • Stairway to Heaven
  • Chaubandi ma Patuki
  • Nischal
Sajja Chaulagain Songs

Everyone has predicted a pretty good for Sajja since the beginning of the season. She is also the recipient of multiple ‘Performance of the Day’ award and countless standing ovations. She went on giving her best performances and now, she is the first-ever female winner of Nepal Idol. She certainly deserves it, and we’re sure that it is only the beginning of her exciting career in Nepali music.

Despite the competition and individual brilliance of all finalists on the show, we’re happy that the Nepali music industry has got an awesome talent. As the judge Indira Joshi says she is a singing diva, she certainly has the talent and potential to reach heights. We congratulate her on the title and wish her the very best of luck in the upcoming days.

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