Nirmal Purja, popularly known as “Nims Dai”, is a mountaineer from Nepal. He is a record holder of multiple mountaineering world records.

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Nirmal Purja Biography

Nirmal was born on 1983. His birthday is on 25th of July. His birthplace is Chitwan, a district on the Terai region of Nepal. Nirmal’s mother name is and his father name is. He also has 3 siblings. All of them are Gurkha soldiers as well.

Nirmal Puja Biography

From a very young age, Nirmal had the dream of becoming a Gurkha. At his teenage days, he trained very hard for the selection and finally got selected in the Brirtish Gurkha Forces. After serving 14 years on the army, Nirmal then applied for the British Special forces and got selected there too. It was only on 2012 that he decided to quit the forces and start mountaineering.

Nirmal Purja British Gurkha

Nirmal Purja Early Life and Education

Purja grew up in Chitwan, a suburban city on Province 3 of Nepal. He was a mischievous child and wasn’t very good in academics. He was more interested in adventures, going out of school and other physical activities. He used to participate on every school competition there is on games, winning several medals which still hang on his living room in the home where he grew up.

Purja is very close to his mother. His mother has been his greatest motivation on this feat as well. His mother has so brave throughout his journey of Project Possible as well.

Nirmal Purja Mother

Nirmal Purja Wife and Family

The name of Nirmal’s wife is Suchi Purja. She is a professional dentist. She graduated from the University of Portsmouth Dental Academy.

Nirmal Purja and Suchi Purja

Nirmal and Suchi were married when they both were young in Nepal. The couple then moved to the UK where Nirmal served in the British forces. Suchi is also seen on the Netflix documentary. There, she shares how she handles everything with her husband being such a challenge-taker, and a brave warrior who isn’t afraid to do anything.

Suchi is undoubtedly a loving and a supportive wife. We believe she has a great hand in bringing Nirmal where he is today. Suchi is also a director of the company they formed together in 2020, Nims Dai Ltd.

Nirmal Purja Wife

Nirmal Purja 14 Peaks, Netflix

The 14 Peaks: Project Possible has been one the most appreciated and watchable movies on Netflix. It has an impressive 5 out of 5 stars from audience.

Nirmal Purja 14 Peaks

Nirmal Purja Instagram and More

The princess is undoubtedly loved by all the Nepalese around the world and have a massive fan following on social media. You can find her social media links below.

Know More About Nirmal Purja

  • Nirmal is the first Gurkha to join the Royal Navy Special Boat Service.
  • Purja holds multiple world records other than fastest summit of all 8000+ meters mountains with supplemental Oxygen. He has ascended the Everest, Lhotse and Makalu peaks under 48 hours. The previous record was of 5 days.
  • His companion of the feat,Mingma David Sherpa holds record for the youngest person to climb all the 14 eight thousanders.
  • The photo he took on May, 2019 of crowded Mt. Everest was feature on the New York Times and worldwide.
Nirmal Purja 14 Peaks Team

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