Frizzel D’Souza is an aspirant singer from Banglore, India. She is famous for doing song-covers on her self-titled YouTube channel.

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Frizzel D’Souza Age and Biography

With a separate, dedicated fanbase on YouTube and Instagram, Frizzel D’Souza has a beautiful voice with her own style. She has more than a dozen of covers uploaded on YouTube and numerous Instagram covers. Recently, she has come up with her original, the link of which you can find on her social profiles section below. Firzzel is also a student of architecture.

Frizzel D’Souza Early Life and Education

She grew up at Manglore, a major commercial city in Karnataka state, India. We do not have much information on the name of her parents.

Frizzel went to St Mary’s School at Manglore. Later she studied science as her pre-university degree. Currently, she is pursuing her Bachelors in Architecture. The name of her college is RV College of Architechture.

Frizzel D'Souza Age

Frizzel D’Souza Song Covers

Frizzel is known for her soothing and low pitch voice among her fans. She even plays guitar on her own. One of her most famous cover songs is Cold/Mess by Prateek Kuhand. It is also worth mentioning here that the original song actually picked by Barack Obama for his playlist. Frizzel too is a big-time Prateek Kuhad fan.

Frizzel D’Souza Instagram and More

Frizzel first started her music career uploading cover songs on Instagram. She later joined YouTube in 2014. Both her Instagram and YouTube profiles have around 15k followers. You can find links to all of her social profiles below.

Frizzel D'Souza Songs

Frizzel D’Souza Facts

  • Her cover version of Cold/Mess was re-tweeted by the original singer Prateek Kuhad himself.
  • As in the figure above, Frizzel owns 3 dogs as pets.
  • Frizzell is a basketball player as well.

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