Donte Colley is a content-creator and dancer from Canada. He is most famous for his inspirational, positive, and emoji-filled dance videos.

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Donte Colley Biography

Colley was born in 1997. His birthday is on the 16th of May. His birthplace is the city of Don Mills, Ontario, Canada. Both of his parents are Canadian by nationality. Therefore, Donte is also a Canadian by nationality. His zodiac sign is Taurus and ethnicity is black.

Donte studied Arts and Digital Communications as his major in college. He is often known for spreading love on social media through its contents. He has been featured in shows like Good Morning America, Busy Tonight, and magazines like USA Today, Globe Mail, and much more.

Donte Colley

Donte was also an active advocate of the #BlackLivesMatter campaign. He is always in the mood of spreading love and positivity. On seeing injustice, he chooses not to be silent but to raise his voice. His fans take him as a blessing in the community. it is always a wonderful experience to watch him and his enjoyable emoji-filled videos.

Donte Colley Early Life, Family and Education

We do not have much information on the name of his parents and his siblings. His mom has appeared in several of his videos, though. We will update the post on getting more information.

Donte Colley Mom

Colley spent his schooling as a teen in Scarborough. He went to Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts.

Donte Colley Height, Weight and More

Donte has a height of 6 feet and 1 inches. He is a tall attractive man with slender body. His body weight is 75 kg. Often seen on old school dancer outfits, he as an attractive personality as well. His hair color is black and eye color is dark-brown. He has his ear pierced.

Donte Colley Height

Donte Colley TikTok Career

Donte goes by the username dontecolley on TikTok. He has more than 300 Thousand followers and 6 million likes on the platform. Most of him TikTok posts consist of him dancing. He gets love and encouraging comments from his lovers all around the world. He often collaborates with other dancers on the platform as well.

Donte Colley Wife and Relationships

Donte is happily married. But we do not have much information on his wife. For all we know, they greatly love each other and his wife is highly supportive of his career. Donte is a loving and a great guy and his wife is surely a lucky girl to have him.

Donte Colley Wife

Donte Colley Net Worth and Merch

The net worth of Donte Colley is $200 Thousand Dollars. He is more of a social media activist than a earner from social media. But his merch and sweatshirts are widely popular among his fans.

Donte Colley Instagram and More

He also has a YouTube channel but he isn’t much active there. You can find links to his all social media profiles below.

Donte Colley Latest/Interesting Facts

Donte Colley Sweatshirt

Ariana Grande’s Monopoly music video shared similar themes with Donte’s emoji videos. This may be the reason he has also been featured in the same music video.

Colley has recently collaborated with fellow star Mattia Polibio. They had released a duet in January 2020 on TikTok.

He has been referred by his fans as ‘The Hope That Instagram needs.’ It is truly a great honor to be called by that phrase.

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