Bhim Niraula is a singer who recently appeared on Britain’s Got Talent. His ‘Sunday Morning Love You’ has gone viral over the Internet as a mood refreshing and a catchy song.

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Bhim Niraula Bio

Bhim Niraula is from Nepal, a beautiful, land-locked country in the Himalayas. He suddenly became viral after Britain’s Got Talent released his audition video. In the clip, he sings his famous original ‘Sunday Morning Love You’ which blew the audience away as they stood up to sing the chorus. In spite of an early buzzer from Simon Cowell, the other judges indulged in his music to the end. The refreshing tune, simple lyrics, and a catchy chorus made the song great, which he had even dedicated to his partner.

The 54-year old singer has gone viral in just a matter of hours and is having tweets and posts from all over the world. He’s getting requests to release the song, although the song was released 6 years old already. He hadn’t been getting much praise from the song in earlier days. Several memes had been posted, making the fun of the song as well. Everyone’s made fun of ‘Sunday Morning Love You’ for the last 6 years, and now the whole of Britain is dancing on it. It is certainly admirable of how he pursued his dreams and passion, regardless of what opinion people have of him.

Bhim Niraula Sunday Morning Love You

Bhim Niraula Songs and YouTube

Apart from Sunday Morning Love You, Niraula has released Dancing All Night, and Give Me Tablet as his originals. All of his songs have simple lyrics, catchy tune, and feature his typical South Asian accent. Though his videos have a significant amount of dislikes, he never ceased to create his music and entertain people with it.

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Putting aside the technicalities of music, we all should take a moment to appreciate what Bhim has achieved. Being in one of the greatest stages in the world, dedicating the song to his wife and delivering the act in such a confidence is certainly admirable. We all loved how he made Ant and Dec sing along and judges up from their chairs. The song was a meme a year back, and now the Internet is dancing along with it.

We wish Mr. Niraula all the success on his BGT journey. He might not make it all the way to finals, but he’s already proved that he’s worth it. As they say, no talent is a wasted talent. We hope to see him entertaining us with more songs like ‘I wanna love you everyday’.

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