Avishek KC is one of the pioneers of metal music in Nepal. He is the frontman of the band Underside, Equals, and vocalist/guitarist of the band theactnepal.

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Avishek KC Age, Biography

Avishek KC was born on 23rd of June. His birthplace is Kathmandu Nepal. His zodiac sign is Gemini. He is a Nepalese by nationality.

Growing up as a huge lover of rock music, Avishek used to have lots of time off school, due to 10 year long civil war in Nepal. At that time, rock and metal music was relatively a newer genre in Nepal, and was limited to rock bars and pubs on the capital city. Avishek and his friends used to jamm out a lot those days and slowly started performing in gigs on pubs at Thamel. Later, they decided to come together as a band, and the ‘Underside’ formed.

Avishek KC Early Life, Family and Education

Avishek grew up in Kathmandu itself, the capital city of Nepal. We do not have much information on the family of Avishek KC. We will update the post if we get any relevant information.

Avishek KC Height, Weight and More

The height of Avishek KC is around 5 feet and 9 inches. He has a long hair, perfect as a metal band frontman who screams like a devil. His body weight is around 67kg. Both his hair and eye color is black.

Abhisek Kc Underside

Avishek KC Underside

Underside Nepal is Avishek KC, Bibek Tamand, Bikash Bhujel, Bikrant Shrestha, and Manil Shakta. They tour all over the world for music festivals, along with bands like Behemoth, Vader and Decapitated. The band was also accompained by Mohini Dey, the indian bass diva in 2018.

Started with a meeting at Silence Studios in 2010, the band influences the retro rock, a derivative of the classic rock itself, and old school thrash metal. From its early days, the band used to perform on several events like the Silence Festival series and Nepfest. People started to love underside, they were just able to attract the fans of the genre through their early releases. The debut release of the band was ‘Welcome to the Underside’, followed by ‘Disconnect’, which was a great hit.

The underside nepal

The band likes to call themself ‘The band from Nepal’ rather than a ‘Nepali Band’. Though they have limited subscribers on the band’s official channel, the band has very centric and loyal followers. Apart from making music, the band is also involved in contemporary issues in Nepali society. The band members are often seen in public events, empowering the youth for a social cause. They’re the new wave of metal music in Nepal and are an inspiration to many underground bands.


Avishek KC Girlfriend and Relationships

Avishek KC is in a relationship with Suzeena Shrestha. Suzeena is also a musician and a singer by profession. She is currently involved with theactnepal. It’s the music itself that brought the couple together.

Suzeena has stated in one of her interviews that Abhisek is not only the love of her life but her mentor as well. The band The Act was formed together as a team and the collaboration turned out great. They’re undoubtedly a power couple in music and look extremely great together. We wish the couple and the band very best of luck for future.

Abhisek kc and Suzeena Shrestha

Avishek KC Instagram and More

Avishek KC Latest/Interesting Facts

  • Recently, Avishek was a part of ‘All-Star Patriotic Collaboration’ with singers like Sabin Rai, Swapnil Sharma, Samriddhi Rai and many others. Together, they had performed the classic ‘Rato ra Chandra Surya’.
  • Avishek is a huge advocate of freedom of speech.
Abhisek Kc Underside

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