Asmita Adhikari is a singer and a nurse by profession. She was featured in the second season of Nepal Idol.

Asmita Adhikari: Biography

Asmita Adhikari is a Nepali singer. She became famous after appearing in Nepal Idol Season 2, along with other participants like Pratap Das and Bikram Baral. Though Ravi Oad won that season of the Idol, Asmita can be considered as the most successful in music among her colleagues. Though almost each one of them has recorded their own originals after the Idol ended, she has surpassed all of them in numbers and hits.

Asmita Adhikari: Nepal Idol

Right from her audition, Asmita had shown a great potential to be in the finals. She was able to impress the judges and audience with her every performance. She even won the duo with another alike singer Samiksha Dahal. Their duo performance of ‘Sajha ko Bela’ is still one of the iconic performances of Nepal Idol Season Two.

Asmita went all the way to finals along with other star finalists like Nishan Bhattarai. Though she was only a runner-up of the show, her music career after the show raised to heights. She got offers to sing to many reputed musicians. She even got chances to tour and concert to different places, both national and worldwide.

Asmita Adhikari: Music Career

Asmita has collaborated with famous and talented musicians like Kali Prasad Baskota. She rose into fame after releasing the female version of “Timro Mayale Bandera Rakha”, which was initially released around 2016. Then she got into movie songs.

Her most recent and probably the biggest project to date is Sali Man Paryo with her former judge Kali Prasad. This is a folk-type Nepali song with pleasant dancing music. The song features Nischal Basnet and Swastima Khadka.

Asmita Adhikari: Early Life, Family, and Education

Asmita grew up in Jhapa, Nepal. She studied Nursing and is equally good in her studies too. She used to upload short covers on her Instagram before appearing in Nepal Idol. We do not have any information on the names of her parents. But they must be very proud of her and very supportive of her musical career.

Asmita Adhikari: Personal Life, Boyfriend, Crush, Relationships

We do not know much about the personal life and boyfriend of Asmita Adhikari. To date, she seems single and not have any boyfriend. But she might be in a relationship and might not have revealed anything on media. Whatever the case be, she seems focused and determined on her career.

Asmita now sings as a featured special artist in the famous pubs and lounges all over Nepal. Her stage presence and aura is so good and engaging. She knows how to capture her audience and make them worth their while. She certainly has the talents to be one of the top female vocalists of Nepal. The way she is progressing and getting offers on singing projects, it is no doubt that she will make it to the top one day.

Asmita Adhikari Songs

Asmita Adhikari Instagram and More

Asmita is active in almost all of the social media platforms. She has a huge fan following. She is seen often posting about her projects on social media. You can also contact her for shows and collaborations by messaging her on social media.

Asmita Adhikari: Interesting Facts

  • Asmita is a nurse by profession.
  • Her height is five feet and four inches. She is 22 years old. Her birthday is on the 14th of April.
  • She has around 30k followers on Facebook and around 20k followers on Instagram. You can find the links to her social media profiles up in the social media section.

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